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           In 1979, Calvin Trillin was in Knoxville, Tennessee, to write about a high school girl who had died in a car crash. One night, she had brought the family car home past her curfew. Without going into the house, she got into another car with some friends and drove off again. Her father was enraged and jumped into his own car to give chase. A few miles down the road, her car crashed and she was killed. When a reporter for the local newspaper asked why Trillin had come all the way from New York to write about an insignificant, if tragic, death, the best answer he could muster was, "It sounded interesting."
           Trillin has perfected the art of turning merely "interesting" events into vivid, suspenseful stories, writing about everything from murders to the Chinatown chicken that beats all opponents at tic-tac-toe. He has employed virtually every literary form imaginable (article, essay, book, novel, poem, live performance).
           Calvin Trillin was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on December 5, 1935. He studied English at Yale and was the chairman of the Yale Daily News. After two years in the army, he covered the early days of the civil rights movement as Time's Atlanta bureau. Trillin's first New Yorker assignment, "An Education in Georgia," later published as a book of the same title, grew out of this experience.
           In 1967, Trillin began writing The New Yorker's "U.S. Journal," a three-thousand-word report that appeared in The New Yorker every three weeks for the next fifteen years. It was while producing the "U.S. Journal" that Trillin developed a reputation for writing about food, although food was never really the subject of these pieces. "Writing about food has been a way of writing about the country without writing about politics or the entertainment industry." he says.
           Trillin has written a column in The Nation since 1978, and in recent years, he has contributed a poem a week (collected in Deadline Poet, 1994), and his book of poems about the Bush Administration Obliviously On He Sails: The Bush Administration in Rhyme, 2004.
           Until Remembering Denny, a memoir about the most promising member of Trillin's class at Yale, who committed suicide in the early 1990s ,Trillin's workwas somewhat reticent and impersonal—a characteristic critics often attributed to his Midwestern upbringing. In 1996 Trillin continued to write more personally, publishing Messages from My Father, a memoir of the gruff Abe Trillin.
           In late 2001, Alice Trillin, the foil for much of Trillin's best humor, died. Herself a graceful, witty writer, she once penned a memorable review of Alice, Let's Eat, in which she rebelled against her husband's characterization of her as a "sensible" spoilsport. "I'm not against quests for the perfect ham hock or the perfect barbecue," she writes. "But I think that anyone starting out on such a quest should be aware that his guide is someone who will travel all the way to a place called Horse Cave, Kentucky because he likes the way the name Horse Cave, Kentucky sounds when he drops it to me over the phone."


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Unless otherwise noted, all articles appeared in The New Yorker.

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