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           Taken together, Eric Schlosser's three books--on fast food, the underground economy, and prisons--form a haunting triptych, "an alternative history of the United States," he says, that undercuts the optimism of the age of consumerist capitalism.
           Eric Schlosser was born in New York City on August 17, 1959. Schlosser attended the Dalton School and then studied history at Princeton University, where he edited the university humor magazine, wrote plays for the Triangle Club, and studied literary journalism with John McPhee (Richard Preston was in the same class).
           After Princeton, Schlosser spent three years studying British imperial history at Oriel College, Oxford. He was particularly interested in the moment at which, in the late nineteenth/early twentieth century, the British and American empires intersected-- one falling apart and the other on the rise. Schlosser abandoned his plans for an academic career, but channeled his Oxford research into a play, Americans, which he wrote in 1985, and which was eventually performed in 2003.
           Schlosser floundered after Oxford, writing plays and a novel while living in Vermont. He returned to New York in 1992 to work as a script reader and story editor for Tribeca Productions. While there, Schlosser tried his hand at screenwriting, before pitching his first piece of journalism to The Atlantic Monthly.
           The magazine passed on his proposal to write a story about homosexuals in the military, but liked his writing and gave him another assignment: a story about the New York City bomb squad after the 1993 World Trade Center. "Reefer Madness," his second story for The Atlantic, gave him the confidence to leave Tribeca Productions and become a full-time journalist. A long, exhaustively reported Atlantic article about the migrant workforce that picked strawberries in California attracted the attention of Will Dana, an editor at Rolling Stone magazine, who asked Schlosser whether he'd be interested in using the same methods to examine the fastfood industry. After working on "Fast Food Nation" for a year, it was published in a three-part series in Rolling Stone in 1998 and published as a book three years later. Fast Food Nation's reviews put Schlosser in the company of Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens, and Ida Tarbell. "This is a fine piece of muckraking, alarming without being alarmist," wrote Rob Walker in The New York Times Book Review.
           Reefer Madness (2003), Schlosser's next book, wove three pieces together into a meditation on America's underground economy. Again, Schlosser's information was fascinating. Revenues from pornography match Hollywood domestic box office receipts and exceed sales of rock music. Twenty years after the "War on Drugs" began, marijuana may be worth as much as $19 billion a year, making it the nation's most lucrative cash crop (ahead of corn, wheat, and tobacco).
           America, Schlosser's 1985 play about the price of American empire, took on new meaning after September 11, 2001, and was performed in London in the fall of 2003.
           Schlosser now lives in northern California with his wife, who is a painter, and their two children. In November 2006, Richard Linklater directed the film version of the book. Schlosser wrote the screenplay and was the executive producer. He is working on a book about prisons.


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