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           As a child growing up in sleepy Bay Shore, Long Island, Ron Rosenbaum devoured Hardy Boy mysteries. He was enamored of the brothers' lives--packed as they were with skullduggery and storybook endings--and vowed that he, too, would one day solve mysteries.
           A self-described "buff buff," an "investigator of investigations," Rosenbaum's pieces often take the form of a quest, our protagonist investigating the story of the story, filled with the twists and turns--false steps, dead ends, red herrings-- he experienced along the way. The mysteries he writes about include such weighty questions as the source of Hitler's evil and the true story of the Kennedy assassination.
           Ron Rosenbaum was born in Manhattan on November 27, 1946. He was graduated from Yale University in 1968 and won a Carnegie Fellowship to attend their graduate program in English Literature. Yale provided Rosenbaum the critical scholarly skills (close reading, a sensitivity to ambiguity) he would later put to good use in his journalism.
           Rosenbaum's first jobs in journalism were covering the 1968 Democratic convention for the Suffolk Sun, and then as an assistant editor at the Fire Island News. His writing attracted the attention of Voice writer Nat Hentoff and of Rhoda Wolf, who recommended him to her husband Dan Wolf, the editor of The Village Voice. Rosenbaum resigned from the Voice in 1975 when it was purchased by New York magazine.
           Rosenbaum continued writing for Esquire and began writing for Harper's and for MORE, the journalism review of which he was executive editor. A collection of his pieces from this period, Rebirth of the Salesman: Tales of the Song & Dance 70's, was published in 1979.
           In 1984, Rosenbaum began writing for the newly founded Manhattan, inc., a monthly New York magazine that chronicled the excesses of the eighties. Rosenbaum was initially hesitant to join the magazine (after all, his usual beat was obsessive outsiders) but was persuaded by editor Jane Amsterdam. His Manhattan, inc. pieces were collected in Manhattan Passions: True Tales of Power, Wealth, and Excess (1987).
           Rosenbaum quit Manhattan, inc. in 1987, and spent the next few years writing for Vanity Fair and The New York Times Magazine. He started writing, "The Edgy Enthusiast," a weekly column for The New York Observer, and continued work on a decade-long project about Adolf Hitler.
           Explaining Hitler (1998) is Rosenbaum's most ambitious book so far. In it, he admits that he admits that he thought, like many of the Hitler explainers, that if one could only find an essential clue (the "lost safe-deposit box"), the mystery of Hitler's evil might be solved. He eventually realized that the search itself--the investigation of the investigators--was a more engaging story. Rosenbaum uses these encounters as a vehicle for his own ruminations on Hitler, and on the nature of evil itself.
           For his next book, Rosenbaum turned the question he poses of Hitler--Was he an "exceptional" figure in history--to Shakespeare, another figure who has long fascinated him. He's spent the past five years with Shakespeare scholars and directors, exploring the questions they pursue. Ron Rosenbaum's investigation of the investigators continues.


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