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           Most Americans were traumatized by the terrorist attacks of September 11, shocked by the kind of chaos and destruction they associate with distant lands. Atlantic Monthly national correspondent William Langewiesche was not. "After years of traveling through the back corners of the world, I had an unexpected sense not of the strangeness of this scene but of its familiarity."
           Within hours of the attacks, Langewiesche was on the phone with his editor, discussing how he should cover the story. He flew to New York and found that only limited-access press passes were available. He and his editor sent two faxes, one to City Hall and one to Kenneth Holden, the commissioner of the little-known Department of Design and Construction. It turned out that not only was Holden an enormous fan—both of the writer and The Atlantic Monthly— but he had read several of Langewiesche's books. Holden gave Langewiesche unlimited access to the site and all meetings concerning the physical cleanup—making him the only journalist with such privileges.
           One year later, The Atlantic Monthly ran three installments of "American Ground," the longest piece of original reporting the magazine had ever published. In it, Langewiesche chronicles the dangerous and complicated task of "unbuilding" some of the largest structures in the world. The dismantling, rather than the destruction, of the WTC became his metaphor for national exceptionalism—the peculiarly American combination of resilience and ingenuity.
           In writing about the disaster, Langewiesche Employed the unsentimental perspective, prodigious reporting, a stark prose style he had used for his Atlantic assignments all across the globe.
           Langewiesche's father, was a pilot and the author of Stick and Rudder, a 1944 classic on flying techniques. William spent much of his youth in airplanes and, after graduating from Stanford University in 1974 with a degree in anthropology, he moved to New York to work for Flying magazine. Langewiesche didn't like the insularity of the New York magazine world and left it to become a professional pilot.
           In 1990, he started writing for The Atlantic Monthly, and during the next decade, wrote a series of lengthy, eclectic Atlantic articles: "The Shipbreakers," a report from Alang, India, where massive ships are torn apart by hand and turned into scrap metal; "The Million Dollar Nose," a profile of wine critic Robert Parker; and a number of pieces that benefited from his knowledge of aviation. His exhaustive investigation in the "The Crash of EgyptAir 990," which showed how a pilot's intentional act led to the deaths of 217 people, won a National Magazine Award in 2001.In November 2003, Langewiesche returned to the aerial view with an examination of the factors that caused the Columbia shuttle to explode over the Southwest. His fifth book, The Outlaw Sea: A World of Freedom, Chaos, and Crime, was published in September 2004.
           In 2006, Langewiesche left the Atlantic to become Vanity Fair's international correspondent.


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