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           Jane Kramer writes about two kinds of people: anonymous, marginal characters; and powerful politicians and businessmen who are at the center of their world. In both cases, Kramer's goal is the same: to explore the space between what's in their heads and what they say is in their heads. It is this talent for limning a character's inner reality, for rendering someone's subjective perceptions as well as their objective actions, that led Newsweek's James N. Baker to describe Kramer as "a writer who combines the skills of a social historian with those of a novelist."
           Kramer has split her forty years at The New Yorker between writing about America and Europe, alternatively leaving one and reintroducing herself to the other
           Jane Kramer was born on August 7, 1938, in Providence, Rhode Island. She received a BA in English from Vassar College in 1959, and an MA in English from Columbia University.
           Her first journalism experience was at The Morningsider, which led to a job at the recently founded Village Voice. Her Village Voice writing caught New Yorker editor William Shawn's eye, and she became a staff writer in 1964.
           In the 1970s, Kramer began splitting her time between America and Europe, becoming The New Yorker's European correspondent in 1981. While Kramer wrote her share of articles about certifiably important events and powerful European leaders, she grew more fascinated with those who did not fit into the "new Europe," those who scratched out their lives—whether for economic or political reasons—in the nooks and crannies, the fault lines, of the continent.
           Kramer first reintroduced herself to America in 1977, with The Last Cowboy, a portrait of Henry Blanton, a twentieth-century man clinging desperately to the nineteenth-century American myth of the cowboy. In it, she posed questions she would revisit in Lone Patriot (2002). "What is downward mobility in America? How do you get from the immigrant who succeeds to the immigrant who fails?" The book won the 1981 American Book Award for best paperback nonfiction.
           Kramer wrote Whose Art Is It? (1994), which won a National Magazine Award, when she returned from living in Paris. It is the story of sculptor John Ahearn, a white artist receives a commission to create public sculpture for a neighborhood in the South Bronx. Kramer's questions—Who has the right to represent a community? What happens when one citizen's notion of celebration is another's notion of denigration?—are at the core of the debates over political correctness and multiculturalism.
           Kramer became interested in right-wing militias at the time of the Oklahoma City bombing, when she was, once again, returning from a long stay in Europe.She conceives of Lone Patriot (2002) as taking up where The Last Cowboy left off. "How did we go from someone like my father, an immigrant who believed he could be whoever he wanted to be, to a West where the myths of entitlement are established, the sorrow deepens, and the possibility of reinvention diminishes? What do you do when you get to the end of the line, you've reached the other end of the continent and there is nowhere else to go?"


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